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Rahat Abad Tourist Village

Rahat Abad is a home to Nartitee, full of authentic rural lanes. The village is a path through the garden to the next village called Babakhndan. It has special offers every season.


Cham, Mobarakeh and Zein Abad

The villages date back over a thousand years with the known soaring trees. Cham gigantic cypress tree is of the oldest living being in Iran. You can also visit the most complete Dakhma (graveyard) in the world, Mobarakeh's twin big cypress (sarv) trees and old school, Zein Abad Fire Temple and Cistern and the most magnificent natural and silent attraction which is the rural areas.


Farashah or Islamiyeh

Farashah is the palm grove as well as many pomegranate trees and some Nakhls (palm). Every nakhl looks like a gigantic wooden leave associated to Ashura religious rituals. There are some plane trees older than you imagine and a mountain like a hunting eagle.


Address: Nartitee, Khayam alley, RahatAbad Street, Kokabiye Bridge, Taft, Yazd, Iran

Tel and Fax:  +98 35 326 22 853


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Tips to get to Nartitee

By bus: Yazd bus terminal provides you with the most inter-city services through several intercity bus companies. It is situated between Taft and Yazd.  There are VIP and ordinary services as well. You will get to Taft easily.

There is another choice too. If you find yourself in Imam Ali Square, you can get a bus to Taft by 1500 tomans. The buses run every 20 minutes. In Taft, you have to get off in Kokabiye Station. If possible, we receive you as you arrive in Yazd. Please contact us in advance.

About Nartitee

The home not only welcomes you but makes your travel goals happen. An experience lies in every corner of the home that invites you.Nartitee is overflowing with history and character and also proudly cherishing a 2500 year-old culture.The home has a taste of fire and smells of fresh bread. Here, the pomegranate and tamarind trees are in rhyme and sing a song and dance with wind. Here, everything is communicating with nature.  You are encouraged to reconnect with nature too.

Before Deciding: Our sweet home located in the one the most peaceful places on earth has nothing to show off but there are some things to know prior to your arrival to Nartitee: There is no bed but a bedclothes, a sheet, a blanket and a pillow all in covered in a wrapper (chador shab) for every person. Since we believe in communicating there is also no television here. There are some common areas such as hallway, middleyard and most importantly, toilets and bathrooms.